Our Process

Our process starts on the farm. We know, to make the best tasting bone broth we need the best ingredients. All of our ingredients are certified organic and hand selected! Our beef bones are 100% grass fed and cut to dimensions we can use to optimize our French culinary methods. Our organic free-range chicken bones have received recognition by the USDA and Global Animal Partnership for excellent practice.

Bones play a major role in making great bone broth, but don’t sleep on the value of vegetables. We hand chop all of our produce to ensure our ratios are accurate and only the finest pieces enter your broth. Next, we layer our kettles with our ingredients, planning for specific heat extractions over time. We want to pull the sweetness out of carrots, onions, and garlic, but we can’t have our celery overcook and become bitter. These vegetables are critical to help extract the collagen and keratin from bones. This process takes time! We simmer our chicken broths for 18 hours and beef broth for 24 hours. We believe food should be constructed for flavor as well as health. We want our broth to please the body and soul!

After we have slow cooked the broth for an entire day, we triple filtered then freeze it to preserve optimal nutritional value!